The Bargain
Power. Sex Appeal. Drama. Five best friends. Five of the hottest bachelors. The Elite Five. *** They call him ruthless and selfish, and he doesn’t mind telling you just how much he couldn’t care less about what you think about him. At 25 years old, Grecian born and raised, Nikodemos Stavros is at the top of his game. As a renowned member of The Elite Five, and with his impeccable record as one of the most powerful CEO’s in the world, the self made millionaire is enjoying life without having to be tied down. Especially to a woman. At 22 years old, Gemma Atkins is making waves in the science and academic world. She’s one of the youngest scientists with her achievements around, and prodigy to one of the most legendary scientists of our time. The last thing she expects to be told when she is summoned by her influential parents, is that she is to be married within three months. Both thrown into a whirlwind of hatred, delusional exes, dangerous situations, unexplainable feelings and intense sexual attraction, Nikodemos and Gemma must face an uncertain future, deciding whether they’re moving forward together or apart. It all started with The Bargain. Will it end in an agreement?
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