The Moon's Warrior by AmandaSteel
Book 2 in the Moon Series The greatest gift for any shifter given by the Moon Goddess herself was not in a form of power, but their very own soulmate. As each shifter in the world was given this gift, living their lives in happiness and love thanks to the Law that was taken down by the one true Alpha, that was proclaimed as an Alpha King to every shifter in the world, only one was left forever mateless to wander this world alone. Alpha Azrael, the ancient White Warrior of the Goddess herself, knew his destiny and accepted his fate to never have what others did. He walked alongside with his friend and Alpha, the Alpha King Marcus, helping him and his Luna Olivia to keep the peace in the world once again. But what happens when the old enemy rises up from the darkness and threatens that peace, bringing with him a surprise Azrael never thought he might get? Will Azrael and his friends once and for all defeat their old enemy and peace will be restored once again? What is the surprise he finds himself with and will he accept it?
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