Mistress of Bliss (The Club Bliss Series) by Holly J Martin
Gia Hayes had everything a woman could want: A wildly successful business, best friends, and any man she desired. After all, she was a Mistress at the exclusive S&M Club Bliss. But all that changed the day she found out that she was still married to the man that destroyed her emotionally years before, Kingston James, the only man she had ever loved. But now he was not only back in her life, but he seemingly was also trying to destroy her a second time. Kingston James had everything a man could possibly want: Money, success, and women begging to share his bed. But none of that mattered to Kingston. He’d lost the only thing that ever mattered to him: his wife, Gia James. Kingston had loved Gia since he was ten years old. But during his first year in college in a few drunken moments, he’d seemingly destroyed his future and his happiness with the love of his life. But then, years later, fate intervened: he found out that Gia and he were still married! The only fly in the ointment was that she owned the building that his company was trying to buy as part of a billion-dollar real estate transaction. If Kingston wrested her company away from her, she would never forgive him, not to mention putting both their lives in danger if he could not complete the deal. He had one chance to win Gia back; unfortunately, the pressure to complete the billion-dollar project was a serious impediment to reuniting with the love of his life. Would Kingston once again use bad judgment and, in the process, lose her, this time forever?
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