Tiny Crosses: a southern gothic novel by Jolie Mason
Don't let the ambience fool you. Adra Anne Markey grew up just another girl in just another river town. She was raised to believe in Jesus, apple pie and the sweet bye and bye. She believed. Faith always gets tested. In this case, by a sexy, deputy sheriff with a secret, a big one. He's a shifter, a bear shifter. Boyd Ramsey isn't what he seems. Adra's best friend becomes the victim of a cougar attack, but that makes no sense to Addie. And, why is a deputy asking questions about a simple animal attack anyway? As he and Adra find themselves intertwined by an inescapable attraction and the secret world living side-by-side with the godfearing residents of Carter, he realizes he has a choice to make; come clean to the woman he might be falling hard for or obey the rules of shifter society and lose her forever. Or, it could be just the beginning. Season Two coming soon.
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