As I sit at the desk of my spanking new O'Connell St office, I realize that yet again, I'm knickerless! Considering how I now own the largest lingerie, perfume, and romance brand in the world... it is slightly ironic that I couldn't find my own underwear this morning. My driver arrived early to take me to oversee our renovations on the old Clery's department store building. My friends and family find it hard to believe that their little Faye O'Donovan has taken over one of the most iconic buildings in all of Ireland. Somehow though, I always knew I was going to make it. But, even I have gotta admit, the whole twenty-nine-year-old billionaire label was not something I thought would happen! With my brand Faye Fantasies everywhere since Christmas 2020, this little girl from rural Ireland has been catapulted to international stardom. EEEK! "The accounts department is on the line," Noelle, my cousin, and personal assistant shouts through the door. "And there's a queue of hunky workmen in the hall waiting on your decisions on a zillion renovations. Oh, and I'll pretend I'm cool with this but I'm still shaking here... THE Colin Farrell is on hold. He wants to become a brand ambassador for the new cologne. Did you hear me, Ms O'Donovan? Or, are you still all dreamy from your date with that hot, handsome man who called here yesterday?" The chair's leather is cool against my back. but I'm horny as hell as flashbacks from my bedroom antics linger. "Fuck me," I whisper trying to bring my mind out of all of the fantasies that were now coming true. The world is my oyster and I just need to remember to breathe, enjoy it, and decide which ambition (and man) I will totally conquer next.
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