Impossible Rogue by AlexandriaAshcroft
“THERE AIN’T NOTHING QUITE LIKE THE RODEO, BABY.” The rodeo is Wayne Dunbar’s life until he meets a mysterious rodeo clown that smells like flowers. Chasing down the evasive clown’s identity is nothing compared to wooing the stubborn woman’s heart. IT’S A DAMN GOOD THING HE LIKED A CHALLENGE. Desserea Limb wants nothing more than the nosy, arrogant bullrider to leave her alone. His unwanted attention: makes her lose a job, brings unnecessary attention, and disrupts her personal life and responsibilities. All that for one date. It’s his persistence that helps her face tough truths, his strength that reassures her she’s not alone, and his searing kisses that seduce her into allowing him to be: HER IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE.
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