My Witchy Fiancée by Elle Rease
Christoff was defeated a year ago, and yet Thomas Reed is facing an even more terrifying force: himself. Ever since the incident where that woman had touched his forehead and revealed his true nature, he finally understood why he featured in Corinne's prophecy. Corinne doesn't seem to be half as worried about it as he is, despite noticing his moods changing. The strange black unicorn he had encountered in the woods is now a permanent feature in his life and, to make matters worse, every week brought more fantastical creatures to his front door to pay their respects. One of them brings an invitation that he can’t decline. Another world exists parallel to the one he currently inhabits. If rumour is to be believed, Thomas will rule both with Corinne by his side. * * * This is season 2 of the Thomas Reed series. * * *
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