The Duke's Captive by Michaelene
The duke has been living a lie... After thirty plus years, Sebastien, Duke of Burkeley, has become a mockery in the eyes of the ton. He has a bastard brother who stole his fiancee, a cheating father who cast the respect due his family to the wayside for his mistress, and a mother who had tried to kill his previous betrothed! Salvation just might come in the form of a broadsheet. A bounty is offered for the capture of the last known pirate, and Burkeley answers the call for adventure on the high seas. The fifty-thousand pounds will be his, the continued respect of his station will be restored to his family, and most importantly, Miss Sophie Beaumonte will eat her words! To call him worthless, indeed... He'll win back his good name if it kills him. And when a blonde beauty steps on board, he realizes, it just might. The miss must live her truth... Miss Sophie Beaumonte has a reputation for being a spirited woman but with her orphan status, the ton turns its nose up at her and her brother, Benedict. When word reaches Sophie that Benedict has been captured by pirates, she plans to catch the SOB responsible and win the title and monies for Benedict and herself offered by the crown. Unfortunately competition is stiff--literally. For the Duke of Burkeley, recently descended from society, has his eyes on the prize as well. As their search for the pirate heats up, Sophie's contempt for the duke begins to crumble. Maybe there's more to him than meets the eye. But a wily duke, spurned and scorned, must use the weapons at his disposal... One thing is for sure, it is every lord and miss for herself. And with the rules of the high seas reigning supreme, perhaps this duke is ready to show Miss Sophie just how bad he can be...
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