Chasing Cupid's Choos
Kitara Beauchamp is the twenty six year old love guru otherwise known as the ‘Glam Cupid’. She’s fantastic at matchmaking, and every woman dreams of having their wedding facilitated by her because they know that she’s the best at what she does. Married to multimillionaire businessman Mikhail Beauchamp, her personal life is also one that has women envying her. Except behind the scenes, it isn’t as glamorous as it looks. Maddox ‘The Sting’ Ray is the twenty nine year old soccer sensation that has taken the European leagues by storm. As a wealthy and famous player on demand in all departments, he breaks a lot of hearts when he announces that he will be getting married to his long time girlfriend and model Zaria Beach. Maddox’s parents have only one request for him- that he gets married back home. Growing up in a small town had always been a problem for him because everyone had such high expectations for him, so the thought is daunting, especially since the last time he saw his family, some displeasing words were exchanged and he vowed to never come back. Nonetheless, he agrees. When Zaria finds out that she’d be getting married in the States, she knows that she has to enlist only the best help for her wedding, thus calling upon Kitara. Forced to take up the wedding, Kitara journeys to Maddox’s hometown to plan Zaria’s dream wedding. The last thing she expects is the madness that ensues, and the love that blooms. From the moment they met, Maddox was infuriated by Kitara, but little did he know that she was about to unravel his entire world. Little did he know that she would slowly but surely remind him of who he used to be. Little did he know that she would be his very redemption. The last thing he expected going home, was to be Chasing Cupid in her Jimmy Choos.
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