Three by Elle Rease
When Cisca's mother receives a well-deserved, thrilling job offer in Johannesburg, Cisca has no choice but to tag along. Having grown up in the countryside, she dreads this change in scenery, a feeling that is amplified once she sets eyes on the Firelli twins. They are equally popular, rich and handsome; and both have the ability to make her blood boil with lust and anger. However, their personalities couldn't be more different if they tried. Andrew appeals to her thoughtful, spiritual side, while Franklin's quick temper somehow causes her heart, and panties, to melt. The twins have always been highly competitive, and neither refuses to step aside to let the other claim Cisca's heart. Will she be able to resist their charms, or will she end up choosing one-or both-of them? * * * * * This series is set in South Africa, and will be presented in the following parts and timelines: Season 1 - Three (High School) - PG13, with an R18 finish Season 2 - Two (Premiere) - R18 Season 3 - One (Cape Town) - R18
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