Club Obsidian: Trust by Skye Callahan
Nothing in life has ever been easy for Lena. Dealing with her neglectful mother and spending half of her childhood in a foster home have instilled her with the need to guard her emotions and stay in control. When her foster brother convinces her to join him at the local sports bar and a handsome stranger sits down next to her, everything changes. When they literally run into each other the following week at the school where Lena teaches, they both realize it won't be so easy to walk away from their initial encounter, and that means they'll each have to give up some of their secrets. Eric offers Lena a glimpse into his life: one night, during which he challenges her to give him full control and let her walls come crashing down. As Eric guides her deeper into the BDSM lifestyle, Lena is surprised to discover a sense of security and relief in letting old scars rise to the surface and finally heal. Together, they find the strength to care for his traumatized young nephew, and deal with Lena’s past when her mother reappears. CONTENT WARNING (CW): This story may include scenes or depictions of Self-Harm, Childhood Trauma, Addiction/Substance Abuse
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