Cavaricci’s Masterpiece Collection by AlexandriaAshcroft
Joshua Cavaricci, an artist who is struggling to create inspired work, witnesses his new neighbor, Tempest, pleasuring herself. Moved by this impromptu experience, he gets a new spark of creative invigoration while also sparking a curiosity toward the woman herself. Uncertain if she’d be interested in his rather flamboyant and sexually fluid lifestyle, he’s pleasantly surprised when he finds her enraptured by his more risque, sensual pieces while snooping in his studio. The more opportunities he creates to spend time with her, the more he’s able to discover her openness and sensual curiosity which he discovers leans more toward the taboo than he could ever have predicted. Enticed by the idea of having someone to share his sexual escapades with, he encourages their relationship which blossoms into a unique play of sex and companionship. This adventure provides him with infinite amounts of inspiration for his art; however, forces him to face the darkness in his past, the darkness that has prevented him from ever agreeing to commit to a partner of his own. Is he willing to lose his muse and new found lover to maintain his outdated concept of freedom?
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