Onus Angelorum by Celie Wells
Werewolves, Angels, Demons, and Witches —An uncommon paranormal love story. Everything Alerie was told about her wolf lineage is a lie. She desperately wants a normal human life. Her wolf hides easily within her strong body with only one requirement—magical blood. The need for wolf pheromones keeps her tethered to Leo, her childhood friend and lover. Leo keeps her blood fed while indulging their polyamorous lifestyle. A new human lover will trigger a profound change sending Alerie deep into the dark world of folklore and ancient myths. A forced alliance with an powerful demon may prove even more dangerous to her soul. Alerie must catch up on all she discounted as folklore to survive. The gift of a mate for her wolf drags her down a road of self discovery and fatal choices. ~This dark romance is a magic realism, reverse harem romance with angels, demons, vampires, wolves and witches filled with sex and violence. ~enjoy.
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