Two of a Kind by Alexa Rivers
He’s a professional adventurer. Her only adventures have been between the pages of her favorite novels. When they share a mind-blowing kiss, will these polar opposites fizzle or combust? Blogger Brooke Griffiths has spent a lifetime being held back by illness, but that’s about to change. She’s finally healthy enough to pursue her dream of hiking to Mt Everest base camp, and the first step is convincing broody Jack Farrelly to help her prepare. The only problem is, they exchanged a mind-blowing kiss weeks ago, and he never called. In a town the size of Haven Bay, that’s downright awkward. But she can put her pride aside to herself–and her followers–that they’re capable of overcoming any adversity, right? Jack has dated a woman in the public eye before, and has the emotional wounds to show for it. He’s smart enough to learn from his mistakes, which means staying away from Brooke even if he’d enjoy the challenge of helping her get ready to hike Mt Everest. Unfortunately, denying her proves impossible—both professionally and personally—and before long, he’s in deeper than he ever imagined possible. When old wounds are reopened, can Brooke and Jack overcome the pain of their pasts and take a chance on love?
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