Banshee Song by JenKatemi
My voice is my gift, and my weapon. As a banshee, I carry the song of life and death within me. Now, crazed, magical beasts want my blood and my true fae name, or so he says. A warrior from Faerie's Winter Court has come to protect me from this supposed supernatural threat. The sexy fae won't relent, says his heart is frozen. No chance. With every kiss, heat rises and ice melts, and I forget everything, but fire and desire. But now, I need that winter warrior's protection more than anything. My voice isn't enough to protect myself, or the ones I love. They're about to drain me of my blood, my life. And I have nothing to save me, but my love. My warrior. Is it too late, for us both? BANSHEE SONG is the second in Jen Katemi's BLOOD FAE CHRONICLES steamy paranormal romance series. The story is designed to be read as a STAND-ALONE. Read this one first, or read the series in order: BANSHEE CRY (available on Radish) BANSHEE SONG (available on Radish) BANSHEE POWER (coming soon to Radish)
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