Masked Intentions by Elle Rease
Stella, like most, is intrigued by SIN, the world's most beloved superhero. For the last five years, he has remained unidentified, although his head-to-toe midnight blue suit seems to be made from a material not quite from Earth. When he saves Stella from being hijacked, her interest in him is piqued, especially considering the sudden appearance of men with similar body builds. Could he be her new love interest, Aaron? Or how about her new boss, Caleb? Or possibly her shrink, Gavin? Her obsession to determine who SIN is leads her down a dangerous path. Not only do her friends think she's lost her mind—and they might be right!—but she also lands on the radar of a group of villains who are intent on destroying SIN by whatever means necessary. As her budding relationship with the elusive superhero continues to grow, she begins questioning whether knowing his true name and form is worth her life.
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