Immortal Empires by xMishx
Immortal Empires is a series set in a paranormal world. Each story will take you on an adventure with the leader of the country and their path to love. ~*~ Walking home from her work’s Christmas party, Mia is abducted by a vampire and taken to another world where she is sold as sustenance. When the vampire that owns her feeds on Mia, something goes incredibly wrong. Mia escapes, fleeing into the unknown world where she has no one that she can trust and has no idea how to get back to Earth. Hiding from the vampires becomes Mia’s new life in this strange world. Once a mighty figure, Jodan has lost it all. After trusting the wrong people, he was sentenced to death. Escape was his only option. Jodan quickly becomes a figure of darkness that stalks through the shadows at night and keeps a low profile during the day. The treachery has filled Jodan with distrust, leaving him a bitter husk that keeps everyone at a distance. Jodan finds Mia, thinking she is the enemy. He soon learns it is not the case, and after hearing the sad tale of how she ended up in his world, Jodan agrees to help Mia. Their partnership is frosty at best, filled with questions from an inquisitive human and a fae warrior who would prefer to be left alone. Mia wants to return to Earth, and Jodan wants to go back to the life that he’d once had. As their journey progresses, Jodan and Mia search for answers to their problems, soon realising that there is something far better in front of them. In order to get what they want; they must learn to trust each other. (Formerly Stolen & Saved)
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