Sigma - Book 4
“They’re here,” Izzy announced. I walked over to the edge to see what he was talking about, and my eyes immediately found him. He was standing at the door, no doubt scanning the area for any threats. Thanks to my glasses, I could see the mark on his neck – and if he was going to make it, I would have to shoot the mark directly at the centre. Either that or I kill my husband. I watched my cousin approach him. She was still limping – no doubt furious about that bit – and I could only smile, knowing that my best friend did that to her; my civilian best friend who surprised the hell out of everyone. “Are you guys sure about this?” Storm asked. “There’s no one I trust more than Elle to make the shot right now. We need to get my brother back,” Rose confirmed. “But this is extreme. If she misses the shot, he dies. There’s no way we can save him or bring him back from a shot like that,” Blayze argued. “You forget that this is the only way. We tried to bring him in and he put three of us in comas. Ellie is the only one who can fight him, and we all know what happened the last time they fought,” Grayson reminded. Rose looked amused. “Elle, I thought you said these two could handle this.” “They can. Their concern is genuine though,” I defended. “Why? Are you having second thoughts?” Thales questioned. “Never, but that doesn’t mean Blayze is wrong. If I miss, Xander dies,” I pointed out. “You love him too much to let that happen, so don’t miss,” Oliver said, winking. I nodded, laughing a little. “Is the team in place?” “Everyone’s ready when you are,” Mason confirmed. This was it. It was time to take back our lives – starting with my husband’s.
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