She-Devil by Skye Callahan
Whatever you do, never, ever blow your cover in front of a devil…. I traded my dress shoes for leather boots, my badge for a hog, and my friends for the club. It’s supposed to be temporary, but if I don’t live, breathe, and bleed Devil’s Pointe MC for even a second, it’ll all be over. But one little distraction may prove more powerful than the entire club. One day, they’ll call me Lilith and bow at my feet…. Like a weed, I thrive where I’m not supposed to. I stand tall despite my infertile upbringing and the surrounding hostiles who threaten me every day. No, “despite” isn’t entirely correct, I do it all to spite them. Mark my words, I’ll prove who’s tougher and who’s the Devil in this narrative. I’m a She-Devil and I intend to show them all what it really means to be a Devil.
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