Princess Kisses
“I called him princess. He kissed me.” Being the child of a notoriously wanted criminal is a life Kenna Mendes can tell you all about. Having grown up with no friends and a social life really, she goes through a complete makeover just before being told that she has to move across the country to live with her dads for her safety. She decides to get a job as a party princess to pay for her secret kickboxing lessons and save up for an expensive camera, except she not only gains a new job, but a best friend in Keith, and a female figure she can open up to in Mrs Carson, Keith’s mother and her new boss. Optimistic about her new life, things kick off at her first job playing Elsa at Keith’s four-year-old goddaughter, Star’s birthday party. She arrives, a bundle of nerves, but her nerves disappear when she sees the boy dressed as a king, with curly bouncy hair, dimples and a flower crown on his head. The boy she would soon learn was Ajax Tiller. She takes an instant liking to Star, and is surprised to find out that the little girl belongs to Ajax. There’s something about him that intrigues her, and when he kisses her after she calls him princess, her emotions are thrown into turmoil. And they’re not the only things thrown into turmoil. Kenna finds herself navigating a whole new life of friends, feelings, princesses and drama. Little Star becomes her place of peace, but there’s only so much that the little one can do to distract her from her new life. Let alone the fact that her mother has escaped prison and wants her daughter back.
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