The Sterling Code
Literally bumping into each other, Quinn and Talon learn that they’re connected through the unbreakable bond between their children – the adorable Summer, and the problematic TJ. The initial spark is there, but every spark needs ignition. And an attempt on Talon’s life lights up the way for them. Brought in to take care of TJ and help with Talon, Quinn finds herself mistakenly giving the feisty Samantha Sterling information on a competitor that could help save a deal they’re after. When the billion-dollar deal comes through, it becomes clear that Quinn is an all-round asset to have, both in the house and at the company. Quinn Michaels, the twenty-year-old girl with the ugly scar on her face. She’s a social pariah at her school, but she couldn’t care less what people have to say about her. They know nothing about her – only that she has a scar on her face. But there’s so much more to her. Talon Sterling, the twenty-two-year-old tech genius whose life changed forever when he was five. He started his company at the age of fourteen, and by eighteen, it had gone global. He’s the youngest billionaire in the country, the eighth richest man in the world. He has trust issues, and everything about Quinn should make him doubt everything, but he can’t fight what he feels for her. When she pulls a potentially dangerous move to help his company, she realizes that their insane connection is something she wants. Will the two of them be able to build the family they’ve always yearned to have, or will the secrets of their pasts threaten to destroy them?
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