A Secret Baby For My Billionaire Stepbrother (A Forbidden Pregnancy Romance) by Krista Lakes
My billionaire stepbrother owes me. Years ago, James thoughtlessly gave me an IOU instead of a Christmas present. I thought I had pushed him out of my mind, but years later, I found myself sharing a home with him again. Just like before, he teased me at every turn. And just like before, it only made me want him more. In one moment, our relationship changed forever. I found out firsthand what had made all those girls moan while we had shared a wall years ago. Now it’s time to collect on that jerk’s IOU. Even though he’s a billionaire, the thing that I want from him isn’t money. I want a gift that will last me a lifetime… A baby. 🌶️ Chili peppers indicate a spicy scene! 🌶️
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