Dark Academy by CSW1995
Darc is hellbent on seducing and twisting Wynter to his will. Wynter is an angel who's fallen into the Under realm with no memory of her past life, completely at the mercy of demonic and thirsty demons. Meet the brotherhood of vampires in Dark Academy. Darc, Vampire of Dreams. Ash, Vampire of Dishonor. Fane, Vampire of Destiny. Solomon, Vampire of Distortion. Horace, Vampire of Death. Dark Academy's aim is world domination and to enslave all humans when they rise to Earth. Wynter has one year to convince Darc otherwise - all while trying to remember her past, which she has been cursed to forget. While befriending her new vampire friends, Wynter soon finds out their pasts may have already crossed - and if she falls for their charm, her soul will pay the ultimate price. Vampires / Horror Romance / Reverse Harem / Erotica / Academy Romance / 18+
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