***Join my Radish Reader group on Facebook and get all the latest info on my next stories for Radish as well as giveaways and VIP exclusive content! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1330904207032949/ Selena is a USA Today bestselling author who writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense as Selena Laurence, and Paranormal/UF as Eden Laine. She loves mocha lattes, the mountains in Colorado where she lives, and her Goldendoodle. Her favorite city is London, her favorite color is purple, and her favorite shoes are Converse, but really anything that will get her feet from point A to point B works. Selena likes to make it as easy to read her books as possible, which is why they're in ebook, paperback, and audio formats, in four languages, online, on bookstore shelves, and at your local library. Selena's Steamy Contemporary Romance Series on Radish: LUSH ROCK STAR SERIES: Season 1: A Lush Betrayal Season 2: Loving a Lush Season 3: Lowdown and Lush Season 4: A Lush Reunion RHAPSODY ROCK STAR SERIES: Season 1: A Lush Rhapsody Season 2: Racing to Rhapsody Season 3: Dreaming of Rhapsody Season 4: Addicted to Rhapsody POWERPLAY POLITICAL INTRIGUE SERIES: Season 1: The Darkhorse Season 2: The Kingmaker Season 3: POTUS Season 4: SCOTUS Bonus: Prince of the Press CALIFORNIA COWBOYS SERIES Season 1: Cade's Loss Season 2: Vaughn's Pride Season 3: Ty's Heart STANDALONE BILLIONAIRE ROMANCES Season 1: The Czar Season 2: The Heir
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