The Male Harlots by Penny Best
Joshua Bones is the son of a gambling Irish blacksmith. To pay off his debts, Joshua joins the male harlots in Madame Audrey du Gare's brothel on Cleveland St, London in 1855. Mortimer Rockford is the illegitimate son of an Irish lord. Banished to a remote island for much of his twenty years, he is rescued and brought to London, by an infamous courtesan, Lola de Lacy. When Joshua and Mortimer cross paths in the backstreets of a murky big city, they become sworn enemies. With deep jealousy and rivalry between them, their exploits become increasingly dangerous and debauched. Both men fall in love with unobtainable women and in their bid to survive and make their fortunes, they sink deeper into desperation and trouble. With everything at stake, will these two men succeed in their quest for money and love? Can two handsome, young men survive when wealthy and powerful women control their fate? This long series of episodes are the standalone sequel to the steamy novel The Irish Temptress. Read this romance now and interact with the live chat after each daily episode. If you enjoy reading HOT historical romance from a male's point of view, then you will thoroughly enjoy The Male Harlots! "With many explicit love scenes, this exciting plot is not for the faint-hearted. It is Penny Best's hottest read yet."
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