Kellann's Cowboy by Ferndean Press
Hot romance between a sexy cowgirl and a billionaire bad-ass. Intended for 18+ readers. Kellann Campbell is a kick-ass cowgirl with a set of brass balls. Everyone knows she doesn't take crap from any kind of mammal, and if you talk bad about her you better stay out of striking range. She didn't have the typical childhood, growing up in a trailer park near a horse ranch she learned to ride and rodeo. She and her twin brother, Danny, became professionals at the age of 15 when their mother died and their father signed emancipation papers. They rely on no one but themselves. Danny is now defusing bombs in Afghanistan and Kellann is in her last semester at Texas Woman's University. An honor roll student, Kellan managed to get a passing SAT score with a GED, never once stepping foot inside a high school. Chase MacBryan fell in love the minute he saw her. Her balls may be brass but his are titanium. Chase knows she's the woman for him, he just needs to break her like a bronco, with patience and love. She's worth it, but it will take a lot of patience on his part before she figures that out for herself.
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