Bren's Blessing - A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by PearlTate
I never thought I'd end up being abducted by aliens! I was living my dream, rotating in space around Mars on the Mars Hope Skylab. As the first American woman this far into space, I’ve accomplished more in my twenty-eight years of life than most. I enjoy my job, so when things go sideways and aliens board my lab, I try to stay positive and make sure that I just observe and stay alive. But I’m immediately grabbed and taken to their ship. Unable to understand them and not knowing what they have planned for me, I have to make some hard choices about whether living is the best way to go. And how far will I go to live? It appears that I’m now the property of the alien that grabbed me. He’s big, possessive and seems to want to get to know me a lot better…
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