Permission To Touch by Rowena Wiseman
Lexi is a sex therapist who hosts a swingers party once a month. Allegra and Wesley and Megan and Reece are new on the scene. When they attend one of Lexi’s parties, and swap partners, it’s not just their relationships that change. Allegra rediscovers passion and excitement in her life. Now she has a reason to wax her bikini line. At last, her husband is satisfied by what she feeds him – other women. But the swinging scene is not for Megan, she feels dirty, compromised and immoral. However, Reece loves it. He tells her he’s never felt so alive. Lexi’s parties become a battlefield of desires where only certain couples will survive. ...A provocative and erotic novel about suburban swingers, greed, desire and letting go of inhibitions... by Rowena Wiseman, author of The Replacement Wife, HarperCollins * Adult content ** Read exclusively on Radish
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