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“It’s positive,” she whispered in disbelief. The friends sat in silence, looking at the pregnancy stick in her hand. They were all thinking the same thing without having to discuss it, but they knew that one of them had to be brave enough to broach the lingering subject. “Miss Thang, didn’t you tell us that you couldn’t have kids?” Joe bravely pierced the silence. “He said I couldn’t have kids,” Astrid said lowly, still shocked. “Did you actually see the results? Did you speak to the doctor?” Cree asked. She shook her head and Cree shared a knowing look with CJ. “He lied to you, and given the fact that he still doesn’t have kids from all his affairs, I’m guessing the problem is with him,” CJ said knowingly. “Well at least he’s broken the spell,” Joe commented, and that’s when it settled on Astrid. “What am I going to do?” Astrid panicked. “You’re going to tell him?” they said unsurely. “You don’t understand. I’m pregnant,” she said breathlessly. “We know,” CJ said, confused. “No, you don’t. I’m pregnant, but it’s not my husband’s baby,” Astrid informed. They were equally mystified. “What? Didn’t you say he spent the night with you when he came back from the Bahamas?” Astrid violently shook her head. “We slept in the same bed, but I wouldn’t let him touch me; not when he’d just been with Vienna.” “So whose baby are you carrying?” they asked. And that’s when the world tilted for Astrid. “I don’t know his name.”
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