Nobody's Fool by Ruth Ann Nordin
Miss Emilia Stewart's life faces immediate ruin. Her friend made a little slip of the tongue, and now Lord Valentine thinks Emilia's in love with him. This is Lord Valentine of all gentlemen! Not only is he unfashionable and socially inept, but the mere thought of kissing him makes her shudder. What's worse is that her father has arranged for her to marry him. Being a lady with no say in her future has never been more unfair! She, however, is determined to overcome this cruel fate. There's still a chance to protect her future, and keep her sanity intact. All she has to do is become the most repulsive and unattractive wife possible. Then Lord Valentine will insist they live separate lives, and she'll be spared the most unpleasant aspect of marriage--actually being in the same room with her husband. All she needs is a little ingenuity and help from her friends to make the plan work. This romantic comedy takes a fun look at one wife's dream of discouraging her husband from falling in love with her.
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