With her father in a coma, Olivia struggles through her days and nights. Her relationship with Mateo begins to sink with her lowering mood until she realizes that a newcomer has her sights set on him. Determined to remain strong, Olivia shows that she is not prepared to let go and will take down her competition by any means necessary. The distractions are nothing but an attempt to keep them and the grand council from seeing what is really going on. When everything changes at the manor house, one will see the truth and he will do everything he can to protect Olivia and her father. It will lead to an event where Olivia is seriously hurt. The path to recovery is one that reveals secrets about her family’s past and raises a lot of questions that her family or the council cannot answer. The search for clues to her family's past leads Olivia down a dark path, one that will expose her to a dangerous situation.
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