Two lovers to be entwined for an eternity, a love to fulfill their every desire. Not all paths are happy ones and fate has a wicked way of showing Imogen Dremain that the hardest lessons in life can be learned by anyone, including a fallen angel. Finding her soul ahead of schedule, Imogen learns about deity relationships the hard way. Before his death, Imogen's soul leaves her something to remember him by, something that will cause waves when she finds him in his next life. Waiting for her soul to return causes Imogen to become hardened, believing that she is unworthy of happiness. That is until she meets Corvus Jones. He's got an angel on his shoulder, protecting him and keeping him lucky in this life. Imogen soon realizes that it's not an angel on Corvus's shoulder but something a little closer to home. Imogen fears that the past will return to haunt her, struggling to accept the truth of the past. All she needs to do is let go and accept that the man in front of her is not the same person. **Exclusive to Radish** Book 7 in The Devil's Descendants Series.
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