Sex, Wolves and Rock & Roll by Mina Carter
Trent Savage has it all… apart from the one thing he really wants. His mate. The trouble is, the man Sav wants, the one who smells like home to him is none other than his band-mate, Karlan Rixx. The epitome of the playboy rocker, he’s sexy and gorgeous with the feral edge of a werewolf that gets Sav’s motor running every single time. And he’s straight, a new woman in his bed every night. And it’s tearing Sav apart. Unable to bear it anymore, he leaves the band, even though music is the one thing that keeps him sane. But anything's better than seeing the man he loves — his mate — and not being able to touch. Ever. He’s loved Karlan since they were young. Now he must face forever without him… Lyric hound. Pretend womaniser. Defective wolf. K loves being a Lyric Hound. The only time he truly feels alive is on stage, a guitar in his hand and the beat of Sav's drums flowing through his veins. He may be a womanizer, but it's the other wolf who makes his heart pound and his body ache. He knows Sav has a thing for men, pretty boys usually, nothing like K… But before K can decided enough’s enough and admit how he feels, Sav leaves. The band, their world… him… When nothing and no one seems to be able to track him down, K has to resort to extreme measures to forget the unforgettable. To forget Trent Savage. But fate might have other ideas. Throw in a dating service and a log cabin, and these two stubborn wolves might just have a chance at their happily ever after…
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