The Cursed Princess by May Freighter
A hero of an enemy nation, a cursed princess, a noble assassin, and a perfect maid unite to bring stability to the Dante Kingdom. Reincarnated into a fantasy novel, The Cruel Empire, Emilia becomes the Cursed Princess--a mere side character who is meant to die before turning eighteen. Knowing the outcome of the original story, she decides to throw away the chains of fate and side with the enemy. Prince Thessian's coup goes awfully smoothly due to an insider's help. With irrefutable proof, he learns quickly that the people on his side are not what they seem. Left with no choice, he must temporarily put his faith in Emilia and her schemes. If she betrays him, he can always finish her off. Together with their trusty aides, they must unify the Dante Kingdom under a new rule and remove the poisonous lords who leech off the land. From now on, it is do or die. There is no in-between. This fantasy includes barrels witty banter, goblets of sarcasm, and a hefty serving of adventure. Read at your own peril...
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