Mated by the Mountain Lion by Coyote Starr
Cayce Isn’t ready to have a baby. Jax doesn’t want to risk his heart again. Fate has other ideas for them both. The last thing omega Cayce wants is a baby--even though it seems like every time he turns around, his family is dropping hints that it's time for him to mate. His alpha-father even has him working on the baby books in his family's print shop, as if that might convince him to change his mind. Cayce already gaven up his dream to pursue art to appease his alpha father; he wasn’t about to give up his autonomy as well. Alpha restaurant owner Jax lost his mate and cub in childbirth several years ago. His heart’s still broken, and the last thing he’s ready to do is to start again. He had his chance at happiness and fate stole it from him. His life might not be complete, but throwing himself into his work is far less dangerous for his shattered heart. When Cayce feels the urge to run in the Talladega forest, a territory that doesn’t belong to his pack, he does what any nonsuicidal mountain lion would do—he asks permission of the pack’s alpha, Jax. The last thing he expects are sparks to fly… and to leave there pregnant. Shocked, both men decide to try to make things work, eventually moving into together. Jax’s heart is slowly stitched back together as Cayce rediscovers his art. All is good—until the hunters show up. Jax needs to move past his fear of losing his happiness for the second time to save his mate and their unborn baby. <i>Mated by the Mountain Lion is a super sweet MM Mpreg Shifter Romance with an HEA, an adorable baby, and some hot fun. </i>
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