Matt and Kate by Ferndean Press
From Frenemies to Flames - Love at First Slight Series Matt's baby sister married Kate's big brother, and now he's left with her living in his townhome. She's beautiful, tiny, and she's probably ten years younger and definitely too opinionated and stubborn for him. Kate can't believe that her new sister-in-law, Liv, was able to tolerate living with the overbearing, over-protective ex-Army major. She can't stand the fact that she's already told him her darkest secret. Somehow this beefcake has managed to make her trust again. Not all men, but definitely him. Sparks fly between the two until finally Matt has had enough and follows through on Kate's flirtation. Kate can't stand the idea of having a romantic and obviously incredibly passionate relationship with this man who she'll never be rid of. He will be at every Christmas and every birthday party because he is now part of her family. She tries to slow things down between them but Matt resists. Too bad for Kate that her overbearing, overprotective roommate has recognized that she is his perfect mate. Once the Major has an objective there is no stopping him in succeeding with his plan.
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