Taibhse Series by Ebony_Olson
When Lily MacArthur was seven, she witnessed her parent’s murders. Fourteen years later, a serial killer using the same MO as her parent’s murderer starts up in town at the same time females fitting Lily's description are also being found murdered. As if to complicate things further, the same night her persistent ex, Detective Constable Rune, decided it's time to get back together, the secretive and gorgeous new guy at work starts making moves on her. Presenting Jake as her new boyfriend looks like the perfect way to get rid of her ex, but Jake has a much more sinister reason for his sudden interest in Lily. Jake and Lily have a person in common from their childhood, and their pasts have just caught up with them. One is the protector, the other the bait. Or maybe it's a matter of perspective. Content warning: There are descriptive violent scenes and discussion/subtle suggestions of off-page sexual assault with regards to the serial killer's actions that may be a trigger to sensitive readers. These chapters will be identified with a T** in the chapter heading.
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