Double or Nothing by KTGrant
At twenty-one, Kari Danek fled her home and the dangerous man who forced too much from her in order to save her family. Now at twenty-five, she’s made a wonderful life for herself in Las Vegas as the personal assistant to Xander Wynne, a powerful real estate tycoon. Her work is fulfilling, and her personal feelings for Xander are always present, but she represses them due to the time she spent as a victim to another depraved man obsessed with owning her. Kari’s world turns upside down when she learns of her brother Eddie’s suicide. With Kari returning home for the funeral, the sadness she feels for her brother’s death is overshadowed by the fear of encountering Gabriel Cavaleri, her former lover, and heir to the family’s illegal crime syndicate in New Jersey. Now that Kari’s back home, Gabriel will stop short of nothing to keep her for good. Coercion, emotional blackmail, and the knowledge of Kari’s shameful past are just tools in his arsenal against her. Kari’s only savior is Xander, who’s willing to use his own unsettling ways of negotiation to keep her safe. Overpowered by two ruthless men who refuse to lose, it’s double or nothing for Kari as she tries to keep not only her soul, but her sanity intact.
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