Z.E.R.O - Book 2
"The girl is dangerous and you’re all being blind!” Nadia said in frustration. I shrugged. “She’s a fast learner. I don’t get what you’re so worked up about.” “What is it about this girl that makes everyone doubt that she could possibly be a murderer?” she asked. I got off of the table I was leaning on. “Look Nadia, you’re honestly picking at straws, and it’s clear that you don’t like Noelle much, but I would highly suggest you stop accusing her of all this shit because she’s innocent and you’re starting to piss me off.” “She’s guilty and I’ll prove it!” she said determinedly. I was about to say something when the door to the operations room flung open, revealing Margaux. “Alright, listen up! You have a new mission. Forget everything you thought you knew about Noelle Solano.”
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