Warlock and the Bear by Mina Carter
He's wanted Lilly Braun since the moment he saw her, but she won't give him the time of day. Morgan Jones, ex-soldier and warlock extraordinaire, is hiding a secret. And it's not his awesome abilities in the sack... It's the fact he's had the hots for the Beauty Clan's head enforcer, Lilly Braun, since he met her. The chances of the luscious lady bear letting him anywhere near her though? Absolute zero. Until matestrike hits one of the other bears, and he's her only hope. The problem is... Morgan doesn't let anyone get close because his feelings for Lilly aren't the only ones he's been keeping... Morgan Jones is an absolute son of a bedstead, and she wants nothing to do with him. But *hell* can the guy kiss... Lilly's life plan was simple. Become a clan enforcer. Find a nice bear male to mate and have some cubs. Easy... yeah right. Her bear isn't interested in any male in the clan, apart from the warlock, Morgan Jones. Who, admittedly, is hot as hades and rocks the whole oathbreaker vibe. But when she needs a backup plan, Morgan's it, and her bear... isn't grumbling about getting all up close and personal with the sexy warlock. Until she realizes it's just fun and games for him. But when the proverbial hits the fan and both the clan and her own life is on the line, can Lilly make a leap of faith and trust her warlock, or will they lose everything that matters?
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