Of Shadow and Light by Ebony_Olson
She will be the one to take his coldness, She will unveil the Unseelie darkness and show them light. She will unite what should never have broken. The daughter of the moon will teach him love and the radiance of the sun. Her inner light will purify the tainted ones, And she will guide the fey by wisp-light. 'Prophecy of the Dark Prince' Messina Doe was just looking for a warm place to spend the night. What she discovers is a place the human race had long ago buried and forgotten. The dark Fey haven't forgotten humans. The throne room of the Unseelie court is the hottest underground nightclub around, but if you step through the wrong door, there is no going back. No one ever escapes. Never. Once, someone did. This story contains mature themes not appropriate for young readers. 17+
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