Lycan Mating Games by SCinders
Every nineteen-year-old Lycan in the United States is required to report to a super secret facility in the Wyoming desert where Avery Smithson thought she would be training to be a fierce warrior. But nothing is as it seems when she learns that the real purpose of the academy is to pair up the male and female wolves in hopes of cubs. The Lycan numbers have been dwindling in recent years and this is the way that the community has chosen to fight against extinction. Fast talking and impossibly handsome Finnigan Bronson is Avery's roommate. He is supposed to be her perfect match. Sparks fly when they are together, but can he convince her to drop her panties long enough for him to slip inside? Is Finn a safe bet for Avery or is he only in it for the pleasure? Find out in Lycan Mating Games...
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