My Mercenary - Season One by Holly J Martin
Doctor Mya Hawthorne is intrigued by the ruggedly handsome stranger who almost died on her table; the countless scars on his body from what appeared to be a lifetime of warfare were hauntingly captivating. After learning of her sister’s mysterious disappearance in a foreign country, Mya’s desperation brings her to approach the stranger for help. Diesel Wright is a dangerous mercenary. The last thing he needs is the beautiful Mya Hawthorne occupying space in his brain or his heart. So, when the good doctor asks for his help, his first inclination is to emphatically say no, but how could he when she had just saved his life? Together, they will have to face unknown dangers lurking around every corner, and the uncertain fate ahead of them. Will Diesel and Mya find the answer to their search and the love that awaits them at the end of the road?
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