Beauty And The Billionaire Beast by JA Belfield
From author J.A. Belfield comes a dark and gritty fairy tale with a sensual twist ... Entitled. Sexy as hell. Orphan. All Adam Dalton wants is a good time. Until the consummate playboy takes his love of women one step too far, and hell hath no fury like the wrong family scorned. Avianna Bellemont might play the field when it comes to the guys at her local college, but to her bestie, she’s seriously loyal. So when her friend Keri comes down with an unnatural illness that drives her mad with desire, Avi does the only thing she can. Sets out to find the arse responsible. But Avi gets more than she expects when she finds Adam bloody Dalton at the end of the trail. Tempting rich guy by day, but something else entirely during hours of darkness—will Avi be strong enough to resist his seductions herself? Or will she be the next beauty suffering from unrequited lust? Beauty And The Billionaire Beast contains scenes of a strong, sexual nature.
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