Unveil by Selena Brooks
What if you could control your dreams? There’s a shop tucked into the folds of the Bronx where a single book can change a life forever… I never meant to do it. I never meant to buy the book. I walked inside and the old lady who was running the store looked like she was going to attack me if I didn’t purchase it. It was only five dollars. Five dollars for what would change my life. Five dollars for what would teach me to control my dreams. The book says there’s more of them–more people who have the special power to work with dreams. I think they’re right, because the boy who sits next to me in chem class and the new girl in school both have it. The haggard look in their eyes that says they're sick of not getting any sleep at night–and the mark on the back of their neck, which anyone else would think is a tattoo… Let me put it this way: they’re not exactly the most kickass companions for me to figure out my destiny, or whatever it is I’m supposed to do. But they’re all I have, because when that innocent little book starts backfiring on me I have no other choice. I have to act.
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