Paradise Thriller Season One: Reality Island by Jane Peden
A tropical paradise turns deadly as Alison, a New York City fitness instructor, goes undercover to find her sister who went missing on a retro Survivor-style reality TV show that no one in the industry has ever heard of. The director says the first taping never happened. But Alison knows that isn’t true. As the new pilot is increasingly plagued by freak accidents and injuries, Alison suspects that not only the mercurial director but each of her co-contestants has something to hide. That’s particularly true of Travis, a disgraced stockbroker with survival skills she’s certain he didn’t learn on Wall Street. Travis is as determined as Alison to not only stay in the game but also find out what’s going on behind the scenes at the remote island. She’ll need his help to uncover the truth about her sister’s disappearance. Her instincts tell her to trust him with her own secrets, and maybe even her heart. But if she’s wrong, she could be the next contestant to be eliminated . . . permanently.
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