A dark romance story about two broken people. Milano and Veronica on their journey of love and darkness as they try to fill the hole in their lives. Will they heal each other or will they burn together? Veronica was adopted by her aunt in her early childhood. She didn't know anything about her biological parents and now lived just for her Aunt Henrietta. Veronica finished her penultimate fourth year in her university and wanted to escape from her so-called friends who insult her constantly because of her lineage. Henrietta decided to gift Veronica a trip to Italy to give her the best vacation ever and some much-needed space. Veronica arrives in Italy and in Rome she meets a young man, Milano Veneziani, who seems to be a really nice guy. But Veronica doesn't know his past or his present and what tomorrow holds for her. After getting into a passionate relationship with him, she feels that she is falling in love with Milano. But will their passion kill her? Or will it make Veronica more alive than she has ever been before? Or will she fall into the abyss of his consuming passion, without anyone to help her?
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