Hero by Elle Rease
When the person he adores most was attacked and nearly killed, Byron numbed the pain with drugs, alcohol and reckless behaviour that brought his loyalty to the Raptors Motorcycle Club into question. He wound up at Brennan and Cinnia's front door, finally ready to mend fences and seek redemption. But the road to recovery is not without obstacles and forces him to acknowledge a truth he's spent years suppressing. In order to remain an integral member of Brennan's club, the only place he's ever felt like he belongs, Byron once again decides to suppress that side of himself and reconcile with his high school sweetheart, Zoey. The Jackals, a rival MC, crawl out of the woodwork five years later and start dealing drugs in Raptors territory, leading to an unexpected tragedy that thrusts more responsibility on Byron's shoulders. To save the club and the woman he cares about, Byron accepts a deal with a dangerous drug lord, even though it could lead to his life derailing all over again... * * * This is the second instalment of the Raptors MC trilogy. * * *
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