LYCAN DYSTOPIA : LLYRIAN -·=»‡«=·- SCIFI / DYSTOPIA / HORROR-EROTICA / BDSM / REVERSE-HAREM -·=»‡«=·- Helena is his slave. King Lycan of Dystopia. Lyrian, also known as Imber (Rain), rules the Earth (Llyrian). Will she cry and be his rain? Or fight and be his Queen? LYCAN NIGHTS -·=»‡«=·- EROTICA / HORROR-EROTICA / BDSM / REVERSE-HAREM -·=»‡«=·- Lycans, half man, half beast, are birthed from hell to hunt rotting human souls, and tonight they’re going to kill a rotting man, to save sweet Angel from a horrific end. On a gloomy Friday night, 18-year-old Angel is kidnapped, and not by prince charming either – rather, she’s fallen victim to a real perpetrator of crime. On the night that should end her life, a guardian angel in the form of a beast will save her. Sardonix leads the cult ‘The Lycan Temple’ or TLT, where women lust and fight over demonic Lycans who exorcise sin from their bodies. Women flood to TLT without a fuss and the Lycans get everything they want with an endless supply of willing participants for their satanic rituals. However, on this one strange and peculiar night, Sardonix will stumble across a crime and end up saving an innocent instead... This collision of TLT and Angel, is not random. Instead, as Sardonix and his pack will all soon learn, the night they meet Angel has been destined from the start. Afterall, she’s their once-in-a-lifetime soulmate. She's also a devout Christian. -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- {Read either story first}
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