Two by Elle Rease
It's been nine years since Cisca walked away from the Firelli twins, but they still consumed her every waking thought. The night they'd spent together didn't make it easy to forget them. She's moved on as best she could and has found success in business, becoming one of the most sought-after managers in South Africa's burgeoning film industry. Her love life, however, has not been as lucky. And now, the prospect of seeing Andrew at the premiere of his first big-budget animation loomed over her. Did he want to see her? Will he even show up and, if he did, will Franklin join him? A sexy encounter in a Cape Town club, before the big night, leads her to wonder if 2015 will finally be the year where they can pick up where they'd left off... * * * * * This is season 2 of Trine, which is set in South Africa.
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